North America

North America is an incredibly diverse and expansive place, including Canada, The United States, and Mexico. Landscapes change as you travel across the continent from arctic tundra, temperate rainforest, deserts, and plains. You will find jaw-dropping natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Banff National Park, and cenotes. History and culture come alive here as you visit, and each country, state, and province are unique. North America also includes world-famous cities like New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, and Cancun. No matter where you choose to visit in North America, you will have a memorable trip.

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Toronto’s Hidden Gem Beach

Toronto is well known as a vibrant and lively city, running around the clock 24/7. Comparable to New York City, Toronto is a forward-thinking, business-minded city with an underbelly of music, food, and culture waiting to be discovered. Also, like New York City, Toronto is expensive to visit. There are many activities that you can …

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Abandoned Mill near Sudbury, ON

Everyone loves a good abandoned building, whether you are interested in exploring, knowing the history, or just curious about how the building is still standing.Northern Ontario experienced a population boom in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and with it came an explosion of new industrial buildings, homes, services, and schools. As its population shifts …

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sign saying good beer pointing down an alley way

7 Best Bars in Croydon, UK

Croydon is a historic and bustling borough of London, the UK, about a 50-minute drive from the London city center. As one of the largest commercial districts in Greater London, the nightlife here in this “mini-city” will surely surprise you. Each bar in Croydon is unique and different from the next, with many options to …

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