Toronto’s Hidden Gem Beach

Toronto is well known as a vibrant and lively city, running around the clock 24/7. Comparable to New York City, Toronto is a forward-thinking, business-minded city with an underbelly of music, food, and culture waiting to be discovered. Also, like New York City, Toronto is expensive to visit. There are many activities that you can do to keep the cost low and still enjoy the city. One of the best spots to escape the hustle and bustle is Secret Beach.

Secret beach is a hidden beach in Toronto’s east end, accessible by streetcar yet hidden away from the crowds of some of Toronto’s other beaches like Woodbine and Sunnyside. This pebble beach offers the perfect budget-friendly day trip to escape Toronto’s busy downtown core.

Getting There

Getting to Secret beach is relatively easy, although you will need to hike down the side of a small mountain to get there, so it is best to venture to this beach if you are in good health. This hike is not suitable for children, people with physical disabilities, or the elderly.

  1. Take the 501 Neville streetcar from Queen Station eastbound and get off at the last stop, Neville Park.
  2. Continue walking east on Queen street until you reach 3000 Queen St East apartments. Walk along the water treatment plant side of the fence until you find the gate or break in the fence.
  3. Walkthrough the break in the fence and down the hill to get to the beach!


Here are some practical and handy tips for visiting Secret beach!

  • Bring proper running shoes as the hill can be slippery and rocky in some sections. 
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks, the nearest convenience store is far away, and there aren’t any grocery stores or many restaurants in the area.
  • Check the city website for the water quality, they don’t have a section specifically for this beach, but you can go by what it says for Woodbine and Scarborough Bluffs Beach. If it is not safe to swim, don’t swim at Secret beach.
  • This is a hotspot for local teenagers who like to party, so beware of garbage and possible broken glass.

Although Secret beach has become less of a secret in recent years, it is still far less crowded than Toronto’s other beaches, and it makes an excellent day trip “out of the city.” Enjoy your trip to Secret beach, and make sure to pack out what you pack in!

6 thoughts on “Toronto’s Hidden Gem Beach

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  2. It’s not a secret of you tell everyone…..

    I’ve been going to this beach for 4 decades, and it’s gotten wrecked in the last few years. A lot of garbage and homeless tents. If you do go, PLEASE pick up your garbage


  3. Luna

    Ok, except making a fire on the beach. Also, your information is wrong. Woodbine Beach is less crowded than the Scarborough bluffs and some of the beaches east of it. In the summer we go to Woodbine, although we live close to Scarborough bluffs, because it’s too busy.


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