This is going to seem like a silly one Im sure but I figured I should do an “About page” for my backpack as well, considering that’s the reason we’re both here today.

Let me tell you a little story,

As I was carefully packing all my worldly belongings into my suitcase (and appropriate storage bins) in preparation to leave Canada for the year, I found myself needing a new carry on bag, so I headed for the nearest mall.

I’m not big on shopping so naturally, I had no idea what kind of bag I wanted and after browsing a few stores I landed on a place with a decently priced selection of backpacks. I mulled over a few choices and as I’m headed to the counter with my plain black backpack I spy a white pineapple print backpack in the sale bin.

(This is the part where I tell you I have no idea what possessed me to buy this bag, but in reality, I know exactly what it was. Clearly, my inner child was winning this debate.)

But like any other sane 23 year old would do (against my better judgment) I abandoned my sensible black Jansport bag for the pineapple one, and so started my year-long journey, living, traveling and exploring with this bag in tow.

  • It’s been a money saver when Ryanair charges 50 euro for a checked bag.
  • It’s been a comfortable seat for long weather delays in the Paris airport.
  • It’s been a safe place to stash extra cash on my solo trips in Italy and Trinidad.
  • It’s held a week’s worth of clothes while trekking the Sahara desert
  • It helped carry all my crap up to Everest Base Camp

This bag has gotten me through the highs and lows of all my travels and as a reward for all its hard work, I credit it for the name and the inspiration to start my blog.


So cheers to this silly Jansport bag, may we have many more adventures together.