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Travel Tips

Traveling During Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused a lot of strife for people all over the world from different backgrounds and countries, some more than others. I'm speaking from the perspective of someone living in a developed country (Canada). Sure the pandemic hit us here too, there are 122,000 confirmed cases (as of August 2020) and 9034 deaths. Covid… Continue reading Traveling During Covid-19


The Best Of San Francisco

In the 60’s San Francisco was known for psychedelics and the counter culture, in the 80’s-90’s it was the dot com boom and in the 00’s it's famous for Silicon Valley, tech companies and startups galore, a thriving art scene and… human poop? Yes, the city has a feces epidemic largely related to homelessness issues… Continue reading The Best Of San Francisco

Costa Rica

Don’t Blow Your Budget in La Fortuna

Hey guys!  After some disappointing research stating that Costa Rica was a very expensive country to visit, I was determined to prove it wrong! Here are some of the most inexpensive places in La Fortuna to visit (and some expensive ones that are worth the money!     La Fortuna Waterfall With an entry cost of… Continue reading Don’t Blow Your Budget in La Fortuna

Costa Rica

Secrets of Samara

Hey guys! So I have to say I wasn’t holding out any hopes for Costa Rica. All the research I did lead me to believe that it was overcrowded, expensive and touristy (three things I try to avoid like the plague). As a result, I planned on staying longer in three locations to cut costs… Continue reading Secrets of Samara