My name is Amanda and I’m a regular Mary Poppins by day and a Toronto based travel blogger by night.

Old Montreal, Quebec

I was born and raised in the heart of Northern Ontario and I’ve always had a healthy curiosity, often wandering the forests that surrounded my home, lucky enough to discover the magic that grew there. Soon I knew every rock and tree in that forest, it seemed that my backyard had grown too small and at seventeen I found myself beginning one of my biggest adventures, moving to Toronto.

Since then I’ve procrastinated my way through college, held down several stressful jobs and discovered many things to be passionate about. After years of adding skills to my ever-growing resume, I rediscovered the only passion that had stuck with me throughout the years; exploration, adventure, and travel.

I love traveling with every fiber of my being.

I have an insatiable desire to explore mountain tops, follow dark alleyways and explore never before seen places.

I think that there is more to a country than the tourist attractions and the Tripadvisor top 10’s. I like to get to know a city, the vibe, people and culture, saving as much money, hitting all the backroads and making the best possible memories.

I stop and enjoy the little things going on all around me.

I take every opportunity for adventure that I see

I try and live my best life.

And now im going to write about my experiences and lessons I’ve learned as honestly as I can.


Please sit down, relax and get inspired.