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Algonquin Provincial Park Hiking Guide

Hey guys! 

Welcome to the Ontario Provincial Park series, where I give you some inside information on the parks and which trails are sure to give you that thrill you’re looking for!

Algonquin Provincial Park is the oldest provincial park in Ontario and definitely a must-see! It is extremely popular in any season. Spring and summer bring hoards of tourists, fall brings out the perfect fall colour seekers and winter brings out the true adventure junkies. 



Algonquin has something for everyone!


Located off of HWY 60, most people choose to enter the park on the east end but alternatively, you could also enter on the west end (coming from Ottawa).

Algonquin has so many features it’s hard to list here, but I can easily say whether you are coming for the day, the weekend or a week it’s got you covered! It has a visitor center, logging museum, and an art center! Equipment rentals, flush toilets, and a park store!

The day-use fee for Algonquin park is 17$/day.


Algonquin activities include: 

Biking, Birding, Boating, Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting and Swimming.

In the winter they offer cross country skiing and winter camping. 



Hiking Guide:

Keep in mind that some trails do not permit dogs and are not suited for children. Always pack a full water bottle, phone and wear appropriate footwear and clothing.


Whiskey Rapids Trail located at km 7.2 – 2.1 km moderate

*Hardwood Lookout Trail located at km 13.8km – 0.8 km (1 hour) moderate

(an easier trail with nice lookout)

Mizzy Lake Trail located at km 15.4 – 11 km (4-5 hours) moderate.

Peck Lake Trail located at km 19.2 – 1.9 km (1 hour) moderate.

*Track and Tower Trail located at km 25km – 7.7 km (3 hours) moderate

(features a spectacular lookout over Cache Lake.)

Hemlock Bluff Trail located at km 27.2 – 3.5 km (2 hours) moderate.

Bat Lake Trail located at km 30 – 5.6 km (2.5 hours) moderate

Two Rivers Trail located a km 31 – 2.1km (1 hour) moderate

*Centennial Ridges Trail located at km 37.6 – 10 km (3-4 hours) strenuous

(It offers a scenic lookout over a rocky ridge. Perfect for fall colors!)

*Lookout Trail located at km 39.7 – 1.9km (1 hour) moderate

(Beautiful lookout over the park, perfect in fall)

*Big Pines Trail located at km 40.3 – 2.9 km (2 hours) moderate

(features spectacularly large, old-growth White Pine and the remains of a 1880s logging camp.)

52459031_10156418764844563_1223388964312842240_n (1)
When they say big pines, they mean it!

Booth’s Rock Trail located at km 40.5 – 5.1 km (2 hours) moderate

Spruce Bog Boardwalk located at km 42.5 – 1.5 km (1hour) easy

*Beaver Pond Trail located at km 45.2 – 2 km (1 hour) moderate

(Chances to see beavers in spring or fall)

Algonquin Logging Museum Trail at km 54.5 – 1.3km (1 hour)

High Falls Hiking Trail – 1.9 km, 30 minutes 1 way or 1 hour for the return

Scorch Lake Lookout Trail – less than 1 km, moderate

Bruton Farm Hiking Trail

*Barron Canyon Trail 1.5 km (1 hour) moderate

(Nice canyon view)

Berm Lake Trail – 4.5 km (2 hours) moderate

*Brent Crater Trail – 2 km (1.5 hours) strenuous

(Hiking in an ancient crater formed by a meteor!)

Enjoy your visit to Algonquin Park!

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