Arrowhead Provincial Park Hiking Guide

Hey guys! 

Welcome to the first of the Ontario Provincial Park series, where I give you some inside information on the parks and which trails are sure to give you that thrill you’re looking for!

Arrowhead Provincial Park is located about 2.5 hours north of Toronto, Ontario, near the town of Huntsville. Despite being overshadowed by its neighboring provincial park, Algonquin, this little park has lots to offer in all Seasons!


The daily vehicle fee to enter Arrowhead provincial park is 12.25 but can change varied on year and length of stay. The park offers many amenities like beaches, campsites, backcountry camping, rentals and shower/outhouses. They also host an array of events, both in the winter and summer!

Woman skating through a forest looking behind her

Some of their awesome winter activities include snowshoe rentals, cross country skiing skating (for which rentals are available) they also have a tubing/tobogganing hill open (depending on the weather).

Their skating trail is something I highly recommend! You can go in the day time or the evening when they light tiki torches along the trail, it really is a beautiful sight. I wouldn’t always recommend this for beginners or children, although I do often see them there. The ice ascends and descends by a few degrees in some places along the trail and can be quite jarring for people who aren’t used to skating. The ice also tends to be bumpy or chipped on some sections, which can be a tripping hazard.


Hiking Guide:

Arrowhead has a few trails of different difficulties that cover all skill levels.

Beaver meadow lookout – 7km

*Big bend lookout – a short walk from Roe campground parking lot

Homesteaders trail – 3km

*Mayflower lake trail – 1km

*Stubbs falls trail – 2km (features a small waterfall and lovely bridge, it’s also a good winter hike)

The bridge over Stubbs Falls

I’ve marked the trails with a * that have great views or unique features, but ultimately they are all worth visiting!

Most trails are shorter in length but it’s always good to hike with a waterbottle, charged phone, and sturdy shoes or boots!



Enjoy your next visit to Arrowhead Provincial Park


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