The Graffiti Alley No One Is Talking About

Hey Guys!

As you may or may not know, I love my city like none other even with all its gritty parts, busy people and craziness! Toronto is an amazing place full of multicultural people, lively nightlife, active art scene and people who grind like you’ve never seen before. There’s always something new to be discovered here.

This is why I’ve decided to spill the beans on my favorite off the beaten path spot that’s akin to the famous “Graffiti Alley” but without the classic fish mural and constant crowds.

I’m so proud to say that I live on Ossington (even though it’s the residential side) because this neighborhood is the definition of cool. Everything new seems to pop up here from hot clothing brands no one has ever heard of, to speakeasy bars and 24-hour restaurants. And now it’s home to its very own crop of beautiful murals and Graffiti! 

Along the main street of Ossington and the alleys adjacent to it (south of Argyle street), you can find many beautiful works of art from artists all over the world. You can easily make a day of exploring murals along Ossington. 

(Stay tuned for an upcoming Toronto neighborhood series that showcases more fun things to do on the Ossington Strip).

Here are some of the coolest ones I caught! (Don’t worry there are tons more waiting to be discovered that I purposely missed!)




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