Costa Rica

Don’t Blow Your Budget in La Fortuna

Hey guys! 

After some disappointing research stating that Costa Rica was a very expensive country to visit, I was determined to prove it wrong!

Here are some of the most inexpensive places in La Fortuna to visit (and some expensive ones that are worth the money!  


  1. La Fortuna Waterfall

With an entry cost of 18USD, this was one of my steeper priced activities but I couldn’t leave La Fortuna not having seen it! About 500 stairs down (and back up) is this stunning single stream waterfall with the bluest water you’ve ever seen, surrounding the bottom. Swimming is encouraged although you can’t get anywhere near the waterfall or face the angry wrath of the man with the whistle. Go as soon as they open because it gets packed fast!img_9371

  1. Arenal 1968

This spot was unplanned as I had budgeted to go to the National Park close by but the lovely woman who rented me my scooter told me this was the best of all three parks to visit. 

The park did not disappoint, costing only 15 USD to get in and with three lovely (and long) trails to hike I was excited! You could actually hike on the lava flow from the last eruption! One of the staff pulled me aside to show me a very venomous snake that was chilling in a tree! 

The trails have a lovely view of the volcano! 



This marks the end of the paid activities I budgeted for! There were plenty of other options that looked good and reasonably priced but were less interesting to me, such as: 

* Coffee and cocoa farm tours

* Sloth park

* Butterfly park 


  1. Tabacon hot springs (free)

This spot is hidden off the side of the highway that leads to Arenal so its best to visit in the evening and can be combined with an afternoon hike in Arenal 1968.

You can see a man on the side of the road that might ask for a few colones to “watch your car” the money apparently goes to maintaining the hot springs. Climb down the side of the hill and through a culvert under the road and you’ve made it! This is easily one of the most relaxing places to visit!



  1. El Salto rope swing

This was my number 1 spot in all of Costa Rica, Can you believe it? When I arrived at this local waterhole I found a group of local teens jumping off the rocks and swing! Not knowing how deep it was I just hung around the side, took some photos and waited for a while. Soon they packed up and I jumped in! The water was so cool and refreshing! Although I didn’t have the guts to jump off the rope swing I enjoyed sitting in the water and watching others jump! I recommend coming in the early morning as it tends to get pretty crowded later in the day! If you spot the pipa cart outside the entrance make sure to stop by and get one! 

  1. Hanging around La Fortuna town

There are so many little shops and businesses in La Fortuna just sitting in the park near the old church, with the mighty volcano in the back, can be an experience in itself! Pack a lunch and a blanket and enjoy the park life with locals and tourists alike!




There’s so much to see and do in La Fortuna and despite it being a tourist hub in Costa Rica it’s definitely somewhere that shouldn’t be missed!

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