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How To Ditch Fast Fashion And Pack Like A Minimalist Part 2

Hey there!

Last week I was in a rage over fast fashion and I went over some ways to combat this monster of an industry. Today I’m going to talk about how to find a style that reflects you and how this is KEY to packing like a minimalist.

(See how I said “like”?)

You don’t actually have to become a minimalist to travel lightly but it does help immensely to avoid those mean and nasty baggage fees.

So now that you know where you should be buying your clothes from you can start working with what you have to find out what you’re missing and create a unique style that fits your needs!

I’ll break it down in steps:

  1. Take out all the clothes you own, put them on your bed and eliminate the things you don’t wear/want or like. Also, take out clothes you’re not sure of and put them in a maybe pile
  2. Open up a Pinterest account and create a new board called “my style vision” and peruse Pinterest for images of clothing or outfits that you love!


A snippet of my board



A snippet of my list


When you’re out shopping keep this list in your phone so you can have it on hand if you’re about to make a purchase your unsure of. Do you really need it? Is it on the list? Does it fit the style you know you want to have? Don’t just buy things because it’s cheap, strategically plan to buy the items on your list when they go on sale.

Now how does this all tie into minimalist packing, you ask?

Well let me tell you once you KNOW your style and what pieces work for you then you can take your most versatile pieces and pack them, confident that you will love what you’ve packed for yourself and it makes you feel good.

Those versatile pieces I was talking about earlier? These are KEY for packing light. That one white tank that you bought can be dressed up, dressed down, worn to the beach or worn to bed!

That sarong can double as a towel, blanket, shawl, scarf, skirt or dress! (Literally the best purchase ever)


That reversible bikini comes in handy taking photos for the gram (makes you look like you own more than you do).

Hopefully, these style and packing tips help you on your journey!

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