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Pokhara – A Perfect Paradise

Every good trekker who goes to Nepal has heard of Pokhara, whether you’re planning on doing the Annapurna circuit, Poon Hill trek or you’re relaxing after EBC, you have to go to Pokhara.

This town is located in the west of Nepal, about an 8-hour bus ride from Kathmandu. Don’t worry if busses aren’t your thing, it’s also accessible by local flight!

I chose to go to Pokhara after my trek to Everest Base Camp and it was the best decision I made! Sometimes people can find the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu overwhelming and choose to head to Pokhara because it’s pretty much the exact opposite. Although you can’t completely avoid the dust this charming lakeside city is just the place to relax, do some easy hikes, see some sights and do some shopping. The nightlife is pretty busy for a city of this size, especially in the Lakeside district (the touristy area).

In Pokhara, the world is your oyster! You can:

  • Trek
  • Hike
  • go paragliding
  • row a boat across the lake
  • visit the World Peace Pagoda
  • visit Tibetan refugee towns
  • walk through caves
  • watch an outdoor movie
  • see waterfalls
  • Get a massage
  • and eat/drink/live like a king!

There is much more to see in Pokhara than I can compile into a list, here are some photos of some of the things I checked out while I was there. I would highly recommend all of them!


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