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The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018

Hey there!

Late in the evening on August 1st, I received a lovely message from a fellow blogger friend, nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was totally taken aback as I am still new to the whole blogging world and I was honored that she would think to nominate me! I immediately started to research what this award was all about and the rules for the next nominees! The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers to encourage creativity and a positive attitude in the blogging community!

Thank you so much to Luisa from for nominating me in the first place! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to have the opportunity to be actively included in the blogging community as well as having the chance to make other bloggers happy!

Luisa is a lovely blogger based in Mexico and she has the most wonderful articles if you are thinking about traveling to Mexico or just want to get inspired to go, head on over to her site or her Instagram page and check it out!

Without further adieu here are the rules!



  1. Thank the blogger (s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger (s) asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. Inform your nominees through social media or commenting on their blog.
  5. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post and/ or on your blog.

Luisa’s Questions:

Which is the most surrealist place you have visited?

Surrealism is defined by having unusual, bizarre or weird qualities, which are not the words I would usually pick to describe a city or country that I’ve been to but the first place that came to mind was the catacombs in Paris. I’ve always been interested in history and the macabre so naturally, this was a must-see on my Paris list. You get an eerie dark feeling walking through the catacombs as you realize the walls are ornately decorated with the bones from various cemeteries in Paris that they repurposed as the city expanded. It made me think how many years has to pass before it’s socially acceptable to do this? Anyways that BY FAR has to be the most surreal place.

Surreal indeed.

Your best tip at the airport.

Know everything you need to have before you go! Some countries require a visa paid on site, a visa you have to apply for beforehand, passport photos or an information card filled out, also make sure you have the proper currency on hand!

I had to learn this the hard way on my first international trip when I was 18. I vividly remember never having been on a plane before and arrived in the Istanbul airport only to find I needed USD or Turkish Lira to pay for my visa when the only currency I had was CAD. My then boyfriend thought it would be a brilliant idea to EXIT the airport to get to an atm and grab me cash. After hours and many many confused tears, I hear a guard yelling and whistling (apparently at me) My boyfriend wasn’t allowed to get back into the airport (obviously) so he gave the cash to a guard to give to me. Not knowing any Turkish and being left alone in a foreign airport for hours scared the shit out of me and three hours after landing, tears streaming down my face I was exiting the airport. NOT a fun time.

Mosque in turkey against ablue sky
Worth it.


A country that you should visit no matter what.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should visit Ireland at some point in their lives. It’s such an easy country to get around, making it perfect for gap year kids, novice backpackers, relaxation seekers and retirees alike. They speak English as well as Gaelic and the country has a unique culture that you can’t find anywhere else in Europe. Not to mention history and natural wonders beyond your wildest dreams. The Emerald Isle is also quite small so if you are on a time crunch it is very doable within a two-week span. The food is all grass-fed and natural (something I wasn’t used to coming from Canada) and the people are some of the friendliest craic loving folks you’ll ever meet!

(craic = the Gaelic word for fun or good times)

Not to mention all the castles!


How did you come up with the name of your blog?

My blog site actually has an entire page dedicated to this question but in a nutshell, I was in desperate need for a backpack before taking off to Ireland for a year, and me being the penny pincher I am spotted a pineapple backpack in the sale bin, so I bought it. I took that thing everywhere I went and it has stood the test of travel and held up its end of the bargain. When I was looking for a name for my blog I cringed at picking something too cliche so I ended up naming it after my bag!

The aforementioned bag.


What is your motivation when you travel?

My only motivation has to be the desire to be somewhere totally new an the feeling you get when you have new and interesting experiences. I’ve had this curiosity in me since I was a child, I used to run around the forest behind my house often ending up kilometers away from home. I started my Toronto adventure when I moved here at 17 and when that wasn’t enough anymore I started to travel internationally, growing more curious and braver with every country I visited and every experience I had. The desire to continue feeling like that is what keeps me going.

Child standing in a tepee
Getting an early start to the whole travel thing.


A funny anecdote Please!

Well, I would have said the Istanbul story for this too (now I find it hilarious) but I figure I’ll find you a new one.

Ok so this is is a story that’s more funny to me that it would be to others (not in a haha way but an ironic way) When I moved to Ireland I was desperate to make friends and going on tons of au pair dates (meetups with other au pairs) and I was on one at a pub/concert with this German girl who I got along well with and I was thinking we would make great friends. We see some of her acquaintances in the bar and get to chatting, she goes off with another friend and an hour later she’s nowhere to be found. Basically, the acquaintances and I searched the bar and couldn’t find her. They took pity on me and invited me to a house party, where I met some other people who lived in Galway and long story short that’s how I met some of my best friends!

The only photo from that night.


Do you have a travel regret?

I try not to focus on regrets but if I had to I would say not traveling more when I lived in Ireland. Flights are so cheap from Dublin to anywhere in Europe and I managed to see 5 countries (including Ireland) in that time but I feel like with more organization I could have done way more. At the very least I could have visited the UK!

What is the most annoying travel question?

Probably “What’s your favorite country to visit” or any variation of that, because it’s such a broad question and it’s very hard to compare countries that are so different. I had an amazing experience in Turkey and Belize but it’s impossible to compare the two because they offer such a unique vibe and different experience. Both experiences are worth having! I can’t compare and I hate being asked to do so.

The scariest moment on a trip.

The Istanbul thing.

Haha just kidding I’ll find a new story.

The first trip I made in Ireland was to Edinburgh, Scotland for a weekend during fringe festival. We had tickets and the Airbnb and everything booked and I was super excited to go. Due to my boss coming home late, the bus arriving in Dublin late and arriving at the airport late we arrived at security 20 minutes after the gate had closed for our flight. I took off all my shoes, jewelry and bags, threw them in the bin for the scanner and ran through, picked them up and ran barefoot to the gate. I had never missed a flight before in my life and I was already feeling so disappointed and sad that I would have to head back to Galway defeated. We arrived to find a closed door to our gate, so we put our shoes on and stood around for a while. We spied a flight attendant leave the gate and rushed to catch the door and we snuck in and lined up to get on the plane. We made it to Edinburgh but the mix of emotions I had in the process of getting there makes it the scariest.

Calton hill in Edinburgh
Edinburgh was great.


Where is your next trip?

I am off to Hong Kong and Nepal in September/October and I am super excited! This three-week trip is solo trip number 3 for me and I’m super excited to finally be exploring a country in Asia! (which I’ll hopefully be doing more of).


What do you miss the most when you are traveling?

I guess I miss little creature comforts, like my keep cup, a good cup of coffee from my local spot, my full-size shampoo bottle and having more than 2 shoe options. Such luxuries just can’t be duplicated somewhere else.


My 11 Nominees:

  1. Astrid from for her positive, easy reading and fun articles! Her instagram page is on point as well so be sure to check that out!
  2. Rachel from  For her unique experiences as a teacher in China and her super informative articles! I love her reading her articles about all the places in China that I’ve never thought to visit, but I am now planning to see!
  3. Jon James from for his unique perspective on places he’s been! They are captivating, shocking and inspiring all at the same time!
  4. Cayleigh from Two adorable Canucks traveling the world! Their helpful articles are detailed and easy to read! Perfect for someone like me who loves organization!
  5. Megan from Her articles are interesting and very encouraging for new bloggers! I also love that she travels solo, like me!
  6. Hannah from You can tell she’s put so much work into her blog and it’s is BEAUTIFUL #goals I also love her writing style!
  7. Minh from I love how this blog is written like no other, in the form of letters made out to the author it’s a unique way of presenting information and reflecting on his travels!
  8. Sarah from She has traveled to so many places  that i’m dreaming to visit and reading her articles are the best i’ll get (in the near future) to going there!
  9. Amber from I love how she focuses on understanding and developing an appreciation for other cultures, which i’m huge on. Reading her articles are always a treat!
  10. Which is a blog written by two dedicated travelers! I love their destination guides and willingness to share hidden gems they’ve discovered
  11. Kristen from Her story is truly inspiring in addition to her travels. Her Nepal article helped me get inspired to plan my trip! I always look forward to her next post!


My 11 Questions:

  1. Write about your most memorable travel experience, good and bad.
  2. What kind of travel are you most interested in (eco vs mass tourism backpacking, luxury travel etc)
  3. If money were no object, where would you go?
  4. Name one travel goal you hope to have completed by this time next year.
  5. Tell me about the most memorable person you met abroad.
  6. Everyone always hears “what’s the best thing about traveling?” so I’m going to ask what’s the worst thing you’ve found about traveling?
  7. What was your biggest struggle when starting your blog?
  8. What do you do when you get writer’s block or feel like you’re lacking creativity?
  9. What’s one place you’ve visited that left you awe-struck and why?
  10. What is the story or reason behind the name of your blog?
  11. What’s one piece of advice for new bloggers?



Happy Blogging ❤

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