A sign that says "welcome to caye caulker"

Why You Need to Spend a Day in Caye Caulker.

Hey There!

During our epic trip to Belize, we managed to jam pack out 7-day trip with as much as we possibly could, which is not very hard to do in Belize. Even with our extensive itinerary we still missed a ton of places (hey, at least we have an excuse to go back!) One thing I’m thankful we didn’t miss is Caye Caulker.

A girl sitting on a sign that says Caye Caulker


A lot of reviews online will tell you that Caye Caulker is one of the things you could skip while visiting the Cayes but I beg to differ! Caye Caulker is a very small island south of Ambergris Caye. You can walk the length of the island in less than a few hours but despite its size, it is THE place to be if you need to relax and enjoy the island life. Nothing moves fast in Caye Caulker that’s for sure.


We arrived in Caye Caulker shortly before noon and checked in to the Travellers Backpacker hostel. The hostel itself wasn’t anything special but since it was only for one night we didn’t care too much. The reason we chose it is because they had free kayaks for the guests to use! So we dropped our stuff, grabbed the paddles and headed out on the bay. This was my first kayaking experience and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless (a free adventure is a great adventure).

A girl in a kayak
The waves were bad, I swear!!

After nearly being toppled by waves we dried off and headed into town to check out the top two bars that everyone raves about: The Lazy Lizard and Sip N Dip. We hit up the Lizard first but found that there were too many kids in the water for us to really enjoy it and we decided to come back after.

An island bar
The Lizard when its not so crowded


We checked out the Sip N Dip next and say that they had a drink special, so we bought a few (more like 6-7) and jumped in the water! We loved playing on the hammocks and swings that they had and the best of all? We were the only people in the water!

A girl on a swingset in the water
Just Swingin
a woman standing behind a table full of drinks
Drinks up!

Once the sun started to set we headed back to the other side of the island and sat at the Lizard. It was a great way to end the day as the Lizard had cleared out a bit.



Starved we headed down the road in search of food. We settled on Brisas Del Mar which was a little farther down the road and had a nice meal there. We were surprised to find most places pretty empty but that’s what we get for going in the offseason! Just walking around Caye Caulker was amazing. Despite being in the offseason the island was still full of life. Kids playing on their bikes, adults running errands with their golf carts and everyone smiling and chatting near the cafes and restaurants. We soaked in the atmosphere as we walked back to our hostel for the night, the bar scene wasn’t much to look at later at night and we had an early morning boat to catch!


The next morning we woke up early and went for a walk along the shore of the west side of the island which was mainly beachfront property that belonged to the resorts and hotels.

A girl standing between two trees, looking at the ocean
Early morning walks

It was very peaceful to be the only ones on the beach, we watched the sunrise and then headed into town to grab a quick breakfast and coffee at The Reggae Cafe. It was a unique experience to watch the day begin in such a small island town. We walked to work with the Belizean people on our way to buy our tickets to San Pedro. We grabbed a beer, walked around the town and then sat to watch a pickup game of basketball before catching our ferry.

Action shot of a pickup basketball game
We love people watching


Caye Caulker is one of the most chill and relaxing islands I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit and I think everyone should have this experience on their trip to Belize, it is NOT something that should be skipped. No matter what you choose to do on the island or where you go you are bound to have an authentic experience and an amazing time.

So pull up a chair, grab a Belikin and go slow.

Remember… No working during drinking hours.

The sign says no working during drinking hours
The sign says…

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